Milna Travel Guide (Brac Island)

The lovely village of Milna is located on the north side of Brač Island and is known for its stunning sunsets. It is well-connected to Split, Makarska, and Hvar, but still manages to retain a quaint, authentic Croatian feel. Locals here take the Pomalo way of life seriously, meaning they enjoy a slower pace and…

Town History

Milna is a small town on the north-western side of the island of Brač which is well known for its safe harbour and favourable conditions for sailors. Sailors have been coming to Milna for centuries because of its ideal location, which makes it one of the most sheltered harbours on the island. The town has a population of just under 1,000 people and is well known for its delicious seafood.

Best way to get to Milna on the Island of Brac

The island of Brač is connected to nearby destinations by ferry on a regular schedule. These destinations include Split, Makarska, and Hvar. The simplest way to get from Split to Milna is to take the 50-minute fast ferry to Supetar. Milna is only 20 kilometres from Supetar’s ferry port and can be reached via local bus or taxi.

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What to do while I am on Brac island?

Explore the Island by car

Being one of the most prominent central Dalmatian Islands, it makes sense to hire a car and explore the entire island at your convenience. Brač is sprinkled with stone structures (some still being used and others now just interesting roadside ruins), tight cobbled streets, abundant green fields, picturesque towns and a plethora of locally grown fruits and vegetables, including olive groves and vineyards. The roads leading in and out of Milna are extremely attractive, and the Mediterranean pine trees juxtapose against the deep blue Adriatic Sea in the background, creating a breathtaking sight!

Explore Zlatni Rat Beach

Named one of the top three beach destinations in Europe, Zlatni Rat is a stunning natural wonder that you have to see to believe! This unique beach is located 4 kilometres from the town of Bol, with its sandy shores extending 500 meters into the Adriatic Sea to create a V-shaped beach. This beach is so unusual thanks to its constantly changing shape and structure, with the forces of the wind and water current always altering its appearance..

Visit the Blaca Monastery

This 16th-century Monastery, which was carved into a limestone rock face, is an impressive sight that is worth the effort to see. In the early days, monks found solitude and peace among rockface cliffs and eventually built the monastery in and around the cave. Monks have inhabited the monastery for centuries, but this stopped about 50 years ago. Nowadays, you can go to the monastery museum which has a lot of different artifacts, books and astronomical tools. The Blaca Monastery is only reachable by foot.

Local Wine Tasting

Brač is home to many wineries, where you can try the local white wine (Posip) and red wine (Plavac Mali), which the island is famous for. The wineries offer a variety of wine tastings, where you can learn about the history and production of the wine. Visitors can also buy wine directly from the wineries.

Enjoy Beautiful Beaches

There are four beaches located near Milna Town; Osibova, Maslinova, Pasikova, and Lucice Beach. Each of these beaches has large pebbles, blue waters and are surrounded by pine trees that provide shade from the summer sun. Being south-facing, the beaches around Milna are sheltered from the northern winds, making them a great spot to relax in the sunshine or take a swim. In addition to these popular beaches, there are many places to find a private piece of paradise on the island of Brač!

Towns on Brac Island


Bol is located in the southern part of Brač Island and is one of the oldest towns along the coast. It features beautiful buildings, waterfront bars, restaurants and winding streets. Bol’s proximity to the famous Zlatni Rat Beach makes it one of the more popular towns on the island. If you have a car, you can reach Bol in just over a 50-minute drive across the island.


Bobovišća is a small fishing village located on the west coast of Brač, just 12 minutes away from Milna. Overlooking a deep, narrow inlet, Bobovišća has a sheltered harbour that is popular with sailors. The village is surrounded by Mediterranean pine trees and cobbled stone houses, and has several waterfront restaurants – making it the perfect place to experience authentic Croatian charm.


Supetar, located on the north part of the island, is a mere 30-minute drive from Milna. The largest city on the island, Supetar contains many impressive churches, a plethora of restaurants and bars, and plenty of impressive architecture. Thanks to a fast and efficient ferry schedule, Supetar is constantly populated with tourists and locals alike, enjoying the urban Mediterranean feel of the town. Situated right on the waterfront, Supetar is an ideal place for watersports such as parasailing and jet skiing.


Pučišća is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe and is full of culture and tradition. It is also well known as being the birthplace of stonemasonry, which can be seen everywhere throughout the town. There are many Renaissance stone buildings and baroque architecture to explore, as well as a Stonemasonry school where you can see impressive sculptures and artworks on display. Pučišća is located on the north side of the island and you can reach it by car in under an hour (45 minutes).