Omis Travel Guide

Omiš is the focal point of the Omiš Riviera- a small municipality situated at the mouth of the Cetina River between Makarska and Split. If you’re hoping to have an adventure-packed summer, then Omis is your best bet! This lovely coastal town is located near the Cetina River Canyon and provides exhilarating experiences for those…

Town History

The town of Omiš has a long history dating back to Roman times, but it reached its peak of popularity and infamy during the 9th, 10th, and 11th century as the home of the Almissa pirates. These pirates, along with their counterparts from the Neretvan region, terrorized the Adriatic Sea. The people of Omiš are still proud of that period and with good reason – at one point they brought even the mighty Venetian Republic to its knees!

What to do while I am in Omiš?

Rafting In The Cetina Canyon

Cetina Canyon is one of a kind in Croatia. The pure, frigid waters of river Cetina surge through the gorges and you’re encompassed by stunning nature at every single turn. You can take a vessel up to Radmanove Mlinice, a well-known picnic spot for families and tourists.

Explore Mirabella & Fortica Fortresses

The two fortresses located high above the town were originally built by corsairs in order to protect themselves from foreign invaders, Venetians, and Turks. Mirabela is situated lower on the cliff face and can be easily accessed by all. However, if you want to experience breathtaking views of Dalmatian islands, you will need to climb up to Fortica. Though it requires more effort, it is completely worth it as the view from the top is incredible.